French Cooking & Baking Classes

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French Cooking Classes"French cuisine is, with some justification, famous across the world, and is thought by many - especially the French themselves - to be the best in the world. This may or may not be true, but it certainly includes some of the most imaginative and delicious dishes ever invented."

By attending and participating in the French Communication Institute’s French cooking and baking classes, our clients will discover a profound respect for superior ingredients, an extensive repertoire of recipes and a wealth of culinary knowledge usually reserved for chefs exhaustively trained in the art of French cooking and baking.

Cooking and baking classes are taught by well-respected and imaginative chefs with a focus on:
•  Regional Cooking
•  Haute Cuisine (upscale cuisine)
•  Cuisine Bourgeoise (everyday cuisine)
•  Nouvelle Cuisine

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    French Baking Classes

    Sample of classes offered:

  • North, Champagne, Picardy
    · Flamiche aux Poireaux: Leek Tart
    · Saumon au Champagne et aux Endives Braisées: Salmon cooked in Champagne, Roasted Endives
    · Gâteau aux Pores de Cambrai: Pear Cake Cambrai Style
  • Alsace-Lorraine
    · Quiche Lorraine: Bacon Quiche
    · Poulet au Vinaigre et au Chou: Chicken with Sauekraut
    · Madeleines: Shell-Shaped Cakes
  • Lyon
    · Pâté en Croûte: Pâté in Pastry Crust
    · Poularde à l’Estragon: Braised Hen in Tarragon Cream Sauce
    · Galette Pérougienne: Sugar Pie
  • South West, Bordeaux
    · Croustade de Champignons Sauvages: Wild Mushrooms in Crust
    · Canard aux Framboises: Roasted Duck with Raspberries
    · Crêpes à l’armagnac: Crepes with Armagnac
  • Normandy
    · Soupe à l’Oseille: Sorrel Soup
    · Veau Normand: Veal with Mushroom Apple Cider Sauce
    · Tarte Amandine: Almond Pie
  • Loire Valley
    · Asperges Bercy: Aspagus with White Wine and Shallot
    · Culotte de Boeuf Beauceronne: Rump of Beef with Potatoes and Bacon
    · Tarte Tain: Caramalized Apple Tart
  • Paris
    · Soupe à L’oignon: Onion Soup
    · Soufflé au Fromage: Cheese Souffle
    · Crème Caramel: Vanilla and Caramel Custard
  • After taking several of our French cooking and baking lessons, our clients will find themselves on the telephone extending invitations to friends and family for Sunday dinner à la français.


Lessons are sold in Blocks of 4. Each class is $55.00. Advanced Reservation and payment are required.
Students may register at the main office or by phone.

French Communication Institute
2133 Arch Street
Lower Atrium
Philadelphia, Pa 19103